ABOUT US.  MindFields Health is a network of licensed professionals delivering preemptive and comprehensive mental and behavioral Tele-Health care.  Services are available for adults and adolescents on an individual basis, and/or within the framework of family, marriage or group counseling.  Enjoy better health through coordinated prescriptive, cognitive and narrative therapies under a single online login network. 

OUR FOUNDER and his VISION:  Dr. Blando, our Medical Director, is a published, dual Board-Certified, Harvard and Tulane trained Internal Medicine Hospitalist.  Experienced in emergency medicine, acute and post-acute inpatient hospital medicine, primary care, and crisis management, Dr. Blando has been frustrated working within systems prone to failure either by design or by reference.  The latest third-party payers’ pretensions to ‘parity’ are too little, too late.  Out of this milieu, MindFields was born. 

As a non-Psychiatrist, Dr. Blando believes that like any condition, management of a behavioral condition is best accomplished within a network of allied medical, psychiatric and therapy professionals. MindFields Health offers psychiatric and therapeutic (prescriptive, cognitive, narrative) remedies fitting with humanistic and sociocultural values, and this is accomplished with the blessing of medical practitioners.   

In addition to practicing in diverse neighborhoods in Massachusetts, Mississippi, Arizona, and Georgia, Dr. Blando has founded several advanced technology and medical service enterprises.  The MindFields’ vision of unified mental health and behavioral care is realized by strict adherence to the rules and regulations of compliance, the principles of privacy and ethics, and emphasis by its diverse provider group on an evidence-based standard of care. 

Early intervention for crisis prevention. Crises are not inevitable.  Anticipation of client needs and directed co-management bode for improved outcomes and crisis aversion.  Management coordinated across psychiatric, neuropsychological, medical and therapy providers would be the go-to resource.  The collective resources of MindFields Health, LLC embody this ideal;  they are described in its Web-Site, www.MINDFIELDSHEALTH.COM available through multiple online applications and devices.


HOW IT WORKS:  Register your account. Once accepted into our system, you will have access to schedule your appointment. If MindFields’ policies, resources, and services are a fit for you, a provider is selected and an appointment is scheduled. After-hour appointments and non-prescriptive urgent care are available but life-threatening events are always referred to the nearest emergency room and to the 911 emergency telephone number. 

THE ONLY BEHAVIORAL HEALTH NETWORK YOU NEED. Typically, you will find a 3 to 6 month wait for a referral; or the behavioral service and/or preferred provider are not available in your insurance plan’s network.  If so, you may want to consider MindFields’ Tele-Psych and Behavioral service.  Appointments are readily available within MindFields’ self-contained [non-third-party] network of qualified multi-specialty providers.  MindFields Health does not bill third party payers; credit card payment is made at the time of services are completed. You may request superbill at any time within a year of services. And MindFields Health guarantees secure financial transactions through its Global Payments credit card processing partner.

OUR INTAKE PROCESS.  Take advantage of MindFields’ Intake Process; it will introduce you to our policies, resources and services.  More than likely, there will be synergy between your needs and expectations and our resources.  We guarantee you will benefit from the same practice standards of security and confidentiality as you would expect in a ‘face-to-face’ appointment, including consideration of any medical conditions that may impact your mental health.