Your Mental Wellness Is Our Priority



The COVID-19 pandemic has abruptly paused our lives. The pandemic has called on us to keep ourselves and those around us safe. While it is easy to focus on the negatives that COVID-19 has brought, the pandemic has also allowed for many positive developments that will benefit the future and healthcare of our society. COVID-19 has provided us an opportunity to find alternatives to in-person therapy sessions. Innovative healthcare services like MindFields Wellness are using secure video conferencing software to create remote telehealth appointments to ensure that your mental wellness is our top priority. Whether driving to an appointment is an anxiety trigger and preventing you from seeking therapy or it is nearly impossible to get out of your house with young kids at home, therapy can now be done on your terms within a safe, secure environment. 


As the cold of winter wears on and we continue to find ourselves consumed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to feel emotionally and physically exhausted by the monotony of our current situation. Taylor Blando, NP at MindFields Wellness LLC states, “Covid has had an impact on the mental health of many.” More than ever, it is essential we take care of our mental health and explore mechanisms that can help us push through to better days ahead. One of our favorite forms of aiding our mental health is actively practicing self-care. Repetitiveness is essential when it comes to developing new self-care tactics. If you are looking for new ways to self-care or just need a refresh, here are five of our favorite ways that have proven faithful during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Have Your Tea and Organize it Too

Not only does hot tea have amazing health properties, tea also allows for the body and mind to relax. Pair it with a tea cookie and it is pure bliss. If you are someone who finds joy in organizing, don’t just drink your tea, organize it too! Find yourself a box and color code those tea bags to your hearts delight. Self-care doesn’t need to be done in big gestures. Little things like seeing your teas lined up in a row can make you smile as well!


Diamond by Number?

We are all familiar with Paint by Number but now Diamond by Number exists. This activity can be purchased on Amazon and delivered straight to your door. Nothing says self-care like creating a piece of art with diamonds. It’s the perfect way to refocus yourself while also accomplishing something unique.


Comfort Food

Even the scent of your favorite foods cooking in the kitchen can bring you a sense of comfort and mental relief. As humans, we all have certain foods that make us feel safe. Food is a mood balancer that can affect how we feel. Take care of yourself. Fuel and nourish your body with food that makes you feel at peace.


The Sunshine Vitamin

Did you know that research shows that we all need a minimum of 10 minutes of sunshine and fresh air per day? The amount of fresh air we receive correlates directly to our mental health. When you allow your face to feel the warmth of the sun you can feel the relaxation set in and will be better aligned to take on the day!  


Mental Health on Your Terms

The best way to self-care is to advocate for your needs. A cup of tea, an art project, and fresh air all contribute to positively feeding your mental health. This may be the magic equation for one person but only part of the solution for another. With the advancement of tele-health there are so many ways to access the care you need on your own schedule and in your comfort zone. Our founder, Dr. Paul Blando states, “At MindFields Wellness we are here to help you persevere with our providers. Everyone deserves support, and we hope to provide this to you.” Be accepting of your mental health journey and always be mindful that you are not alone.


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