The focus at MindFieldsHealth is you. Our energies are directed on ways to best serve you instead of a third party payer.  As a result you get prompt and continuous access to Tele-therapy and medication management services with expert clinicians.

Pricing is affordable, and within the usual and customary ranges, but without tthe hefty 'originating site fee' or 'facility fee' typically  added by telehealth facilities. Remittance is by credit card, however payment by Square, Health Savings Accounts [HSA, FSA, or HRA], or check can be arranged.

Detailed receipts for services are provided, and since all MindFields telehealth services meet regulatory standards of care, charges for services are reimbursable up to 100% of the eligible expenses.  

After you set up your account, you have 24/7 access to your provider’s schedule, which means that you can make an appointment anytime that your provider is available; and that includes days, evenings, and weekends.

Peace of Mind, Guaranteed, That’s MindFieldsHealth.com